Buying A Lock – Things You Should Know

A lock plays a key role in keeping homes, families, and valuables safe. Most people have never purchased a lock before, so this article by Tradesafe will walk you through the process. It also explains why Deadbolts are the preferred type. One-touch locks are convenient and easy to use, but require a Wi-Fi bridge to operate. Here are some other things to consider:

Keypad Smart Locks

Unlike traditional keypad smart locks, which are wirelessly controlled by a smartphone app, these locks require a Wi-Fi bridge to operate. A Wi-Fi bridge plugs into a wall outlet and enables the smart lock to communicate with a wireless network. This bridge can be purchased separately or as a standalone unit. This bridge connects the smart lock to the home network and gives it the ability to control the lock from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Smart locks must be connected to a Wi-Fi bridge to connect to the internet or a local network. They are typically powered by batteries but can also be recharged via a micro USB port located at the bottom of the lock. A power pack is included and can be removed from the lock through the micro USB port. The micro USB port also acts as a reboot button. To operate, you need a steady internet connection.

Bluetooth is another common smart-lock protocol. Bluetooth isn’t likely to drain battery life as quickly as Wi-Fi. Bluetooth locks should last for at least a year if used regularly. The range of a Bluetooth smart lock is 300 feet (depending on the layout of your home). This is plenty to control the lock when you’re home but can become a problem if you wander too far away.

Deadbolts are Preferred

If you want the highest level of security for your home, deadbolts are a good choice. While a grade 2 deadbolt is fine for an interior door and doorknob deadbolts are good for exterior doors, they will not provide enough strength to be used as the primary security lock. You can choose between deadbolts with two sets of pins and those that have one set for each door.

If you’re considering purchasing a lock, you’ll want to choose one that is built to last. Schlage deadbolts are generally stronger than Kwikset deadbolts, and their B60 series is one of the best options available. The B60 series is not the same as the one that your locksmith will sell you. The B60 series is made to last, and it’s also cheaper. The B60N is a single-cylinder deadbolt, and it’s also available in many colors and styles.

Another type of deadbolt is the touchscreen. It works similarly to a keypad, except that it’s located outside the home. It features a silicone key that resists wearing out and has an indicator of low power. If the power fails, it will stay locked. In addition, it’s easy to install. It comes with two preprogrammed codes. If you’re worried about the security of your home, the touchscreen system is a great option.

Spring Bolt Locks

When buying a lock, you need to take into account the type of bolt the lock has. A spring bolt lock can come with dead latches, keyed locks, or a combination of both. The former type of lock provides more security but is also easier to manipulate. Spring bolt locks with dead latches are usually used on doors that require entry or passage. When choosing a lock, make sure it is durable and resistant to breaking.

A spring bolt lock automatically locks when you shut the door. This makes them a good choice for additional security. If you’re concerned about gaining entry, spring bolt locks come with a strike plate, which is a simple metal piece. If you notice any damage to the strike plate, you can easily replace it. These types of locks are more secure than traditional locks and can help prevent break-ins.

Deadbolts are also a good option if you’re worried about the forced entry. They can be a single or double cylinder, depending on the security requirements of your home. Deadbolts have a larger metal cylinder that requires a key to open, but are not as secure as spring bolts. Another option that offers additional security is a barrel bolt, also known as a sliding bolt. It is installed inside the door. A barrel bolt consists of two pieces – one piece for the frame and the main locking assembly on the door. The key will turn the cylinder, unlocking the bolt, allowing you to unlock the door.

One-touch Locks are Convenient

One-touch locks are battery-operated, wireless, and require no card or fob to open or unlock. You can even set up an app to check the status of your lock and see who is visiting your home without having to leave the room. One-touch locks are a great choice for rental properties, as they are easy to change without having to take the keys with you. But if you’re looking for a new lock for your home, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of one-touch locks.

If you’re a busy mom, one-touch locks will save you time and hassle. People spend a lot of time trying to find their keys or finding the key ring. These locks will also allow you to enter and exit your home quickly, so it’s a great investment for your home. But one downside is the high price tag. SmartThings first came out in 2012 and is now owned by Samsung.

If you’re concerned about security, smart locks can also be a good investment. The Yale Assure SL Touchscreen Deadbolt ditches the traditional keyway. Kwikset’s Obsidian is another example of a touchscreen smart lock. A touchscreen will make it impossible for someone to pick it, and one-touch locks have many benefits. One of these features is automatic unlocking, which means you don’t have to remember a secret pin or app. DoorSense also helps your lock to detect whether the door is open or closed. One-touch locks are also convenient when buying a lock.

Before buying a smart lock, you should check for vulnerable entry points. If you rent your home, you should check with your landlord if they allow the use of such locks. If you have a door with a keyhole, a smart lock might be better for your rental property. The keyhole is a common point of entry for burglars. So, make sure to check for it before buying.

Buying a Lock

You’ve probably seen locked packages at a big box store. Home Depot, for example. There are locks in all shapes and sizes. Many are the same, but some aren’t. When buying a lock, it’s helpful to learn more about the quality of the lock you’re considering. You can usually see how the lock was assembled and the SKU and key number it contains. You can also look for an unopened carton.

Buying a lock at a big-box store may leave you empty-handed. But if you’re buying lock equipment anyway, leaving empty-handed is better than buying something worthless. Instead of spending money on a lock at Home Depot, you may want to buy the equipment online and compare prices. Make sure you know what kinds of locks are available at your local Home Depot. Knowing what types are available will make your shopping experience more pleasant.

While purchasing a lock from a big-box store, be careful of keyed-alike locks. Most lock packages will have the same key, which means someone with the same key could gain access to your home. Locksmith Ron Boddie says you should be extra careful when buying a lock from a big-box store. Buying a lock from a hardware store should only be an option if you’re unsure of the quality of the product.