Catching Dangerous Trees – Their Characteristics

In many cases, trees offer shade and beauty around our property. But there might come a moment when one of the forests is placed to drop and also could cause property damage, or perhaps even worse, bodily harm. That’s the reason it’s advisable to have the ability to identify signs that are noticeable that a tree may be a hazard before it occurs. Allow me to share a couple of things to watch for:

Old Wood

Deadwood is among the most critical concerns and should be attended to instantly. It’s unpredictable and can drop at any time. You are able to find deadwood by its brittle and dry appearance. Additionally, it does not bend in the blowing wind like healthy wood. Dead branches that happen to be broken, also described as “hangers” or maybe “widow makers,” are particularly harmful.


A tree canker isn’t unlike the canker sores individuals enter their mouths. It’s something on the stem or maybe the department of a tree in which the bark is sunken and missing. In case you visit a canker, that boosts the chance of the stem breaking in that particular place. A tree with a canker that entails more than half of the tree’s circumference is hazardous, even if the basic totally exposed timber looks healthy.

You must do something in case a single or maybe more cankers affect much more than one half of the tree’s circumference. You also have to take action in case a canker is attached to other defects or a crack, vulnerable branch union, and cavity. You can always consult professional tree trimmers in Cincinnati for a more detailed explanation and assessment.


In case you see cracks that could expand from the bark into the timber, that poses a risk too. You must do something in case you notice a couple of serious fractures in exactly the same part of the wood, in case the department in question is large enough to bring about pain, or even in case a break is leading towards an additional defect in the tree.

Weak Branch Unions

A branch union describes the area where two or maybe more branches link to the tree. The branches are generally comparable in upright and size. The bark grows between the limbs and inside the union. Because the bark is, obviously, weaker compared to wood, the additional support is weaker. Contact a tree removal business in case you see a crack in a vulnerable branch union.


A tree typically decays from the inside out, making a cavity inside. And while decay could be a hazard, that by itself is not a symbol associated with a hazardous tree. In these instances, it’s typically advisable to get an experienced arborist to check out the tree to find out in case it’s unsafe. In case advanced decay is linked to other defective areas of a tree, do something sooner than later.

Extra Hazards

Some other things which you have been concerned with are bad tree and root issues architecture. For example, in case you see a tree tilting with root exposure, this might foretell a tree falling.

Poor architecture describes a tree’s development pattern, which could suggest a structural imbalance. While a leaning tree might pose a danger, that’s not always gonna be the case. Once again, it’s best to consult a specialist arborist if you have any doubts.