Turning It Up – Getting To Know The Best Guitar Amp Settings To Fit Your Music

Did you notice that hideous noise? It sounded like a blend of nails on a chalkboard, a cat inside a dryer, along with an infant wailing at the upper part of his lungs. Do you have some thought of what made that awful sound? As a long time musician, I believe I might have a solution for you. It is a guitarist fiddling initially with his brand new amp.

And so a lot is interested in getting the audio perfect for your tastes including the kitchen you are playing in, the gauge of your strings, the guitar you are jamming on, and also the kind of amp itself. These come together to make a playground for experimentation: a location in which you are able to twirl the knob here and also switch that knob there as well as, before you realize it, you are a musical stylist, a specialist in developing the most perfect sound.

I should, nonetheless, provide several basic suggestions which may assist when you start playing with your amp. Always begin with your dials pointing to twelve o’clock as well as twist and transform from there. twelve o’clock will supply you with the baseline to work from and also you are able to make your ears let you know what does and do not work from there.

Regardless of how other bells as well as whistles your amp has, you are usually considering 4 fundamental places, you will be very curious about learning to manipulate:


Adjusting this particular setting will influence the quantity of top quality inside your sound. In case you go big with treble, you will end up getting a really clear and also sound that is crisp. Nevertheless, if you go way too big, you will likely wind up with a strong sound.


The mids could be the most crucial setting for the overall sound. Adjusting these settings can definitely influence the general character of your respective sound. Low settings are able to provide you with the traditional rock-n-roll sound, while increased mids usually takes you down the honky-tonk, bluesy track. Play around with the mids to actually see exactly how much change you are able to produce in your audio with the easy twist of a knob!


In case you that way deep, booming good, you will certainly need to go body fat on your bass. On smaller amps, nonetheless, you may not be able to get the total effect of the bass just due to their size. Nevertheless, no matter the way you love it, make certain to discover just how the bass and treble should use each other to design your perfect sound.

EQ / Filter or Tone/ Contour

They are called by labels that are different on different amps, though they each perform the fundamentally exactly the same thing: adjust your fundamental settings (e.g., mids, treble, along with bass) with a single knob. When you would like to discover exactly what the maker of your respective amp considers “correct” configurations, play with such knobs to hear the way your bass, mids, and treble all could come together for radically differing outcomes.

But you have had a valve (tube) amp, make sure to:

  • Always replace the entire set when even only one tube blows
  • Do not move your amp while it is still hot
  • Be more cautious you line up the pins in every hose completely with their corresponding gaps on the amp

To make certain you make your amp in the top state, be sure to:

  • Keep your amp inside a dry location
  • Generally use the very best quality directs (guitar, microphone, speaker, then effects)
  • Always have your amp maintained by an excellent tech

In the end, you have to learn this rule of amps: there’s no wrong or right method to set it up. When you love what you hear, you have done a fantastic job. When you do not love what you pick up, remember the noise and the adjustments, and also do not dial those in once again. Lastly, please do seriously consider reading more about this Boss Katana VS Tube Amp write-up which will clear a lot of things up! Experiment, test, experiment, and enjoy!